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    Mr. Abra's Dormroom


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    Mr. Abra's Dormroom Empty Mr. Abra's Dormroom

    Post  MrAbra on Sun Oct 02, 2011 5:06 am

    Anyone who wishes to share a dorm can share with me, on one condition: You must beat me in a match versus my Zombies Twisted Evil . I will not go easy. You bring your best to the table and I will bring mine. - a miny fridge sits in the corner filled with cold drinks and candies- -There is small box in the closet containing my cards with a lock on it- A poster of Dark Magican Girl dressed in lingrie hangs above the bed. a t.v. sits on its throne, opposite the bed to the left of the closet. A small boombox sits on my bedside table behind a beautiful alarm clock. A quaint desk ,underneath the window, has my computer upon it. Papers litter the desk. My duel disk sits upon my pillow as I type to the world outside...

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