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    NEW* X-Point System

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    NEW* X-Point System Empty NEW* X-Point System

    Post  Obewan Kenobi on Sun Oct 02, 2011 12:49 pm

    Now you can earn "X-Points", you can save them up to use on various things in the academy!

    The way you build points:

    1. Winning single duels, gives you 1 point.
    Make a room with your name as the title, in the "Winners" section of the shop.
    Post a screen shot of your winning match in your room, each time you win!

    2. Winning tournaments!
    Every Daily tournament you win will earn you 25 points!
    Every Elite-X: Battle CIty Tournament you win, you earn 100 points!

    3. Creating a deck shop! Every time you build a custom deck for someone you can charge them a number of points for that deck list. The points get subtracted from them and added to yours.

    Keeping track of your points:

    since this is a forum based site it will be hard keeping track of points, so to keep track of your points you must show proof of what you have, send me a PM with a screen shot, every time you spend or earn points. That way i can keep track of your points, and know your not trying to lie!

    Spending Points:
    (a list of a few things you can spend your points on)

    1. Name Change = 100 points
    2. Dorm Promotion Test = 250 points
    3. To Create A Deck Shop = 50 points
    4. To Create A Team you must have an accumulated sum of 1000 points!!!!

    You can PM any Admin/Mod when you have the points for a retest, or name change.

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