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    Raigos room..........


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    Raigos room.......... Empty Raigos room..........

    Post  **raigo** on Wed Sep 28, 2011 7:24 am

    hey fellow dorm mates Im new so... this ish my room come by when ever~ i wont bite i let my cards do the talking

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    Raigos room.......... Empty My copy of Yusei's deck

    Post  **raigo** on Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:28 pm

    Monsters (22)

    1 debris dragon
    1 Ghost guardna
    1 Healing wave generator
    1 Hyper Synchron
    2 Junk synchron
    1 Majestic Dragon
    1 Max warrior
    2 Nitro synchron
    1 Quillbolt hedgehog
    1Road synchron
    1 Rockstone warrior
    1 Shield warrior
    1 Sonic Chick
    1 Delta flyer
    1 Speed warrior
    1 Stardust Xiaolong
    1 Tuningware
    1 Turbo synchron
    1 Turbo Booster
    1 Turret warrior

    1 Card Rotator
    1 Domino effect
    1 Double summon
    1 Fighting spirit
    1 Junk barriage
    1 One for one
    1 Prevention star
    1 Swords of revealing light
    1 Synchro blast wave

    1 Defense draw
    1 Descending lost star
    1 Doppleganger
    1 Graceful revival
    1 Level Retuner
    1 Limiter overload
    1 Mirror Force
    2 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow
    1 Shining Silver Force
    1 Spirit force
    1 Synchro barrier
    1 Urgent tuning

    Extra deck(13)
    1 Junk Warrior
    1 Junk guardna
    1 junk destroyer
    1 Junk archer
    1 Armory arm
    1 majestic star dragon
    1 Stardust Dragon
    1 Nitro warrior
    1 Formula synchron
    1 Shooting quasar dragon
    1 Shooting star dragon
    1 Road warrior
    1 Turbo warrior
    Jaden Yuki
    Jaden Yuki

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    Raigos room.......... Empty hi

    Post  Jaden Yuki on Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:36 pm

    wellcom to the dorm

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    Raigos room.......... Empty help Montage dragon.....

    Post  **raigo** on Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:16 am

    There is no official ruling on the card that I can find which would prohibit it. Other official rulings suggest that the card's attack power is zero if it leaves and re-enters play, such as with Book of Moon so if I were asked, I would say that its attack power is zero until those requirements are met. However, an official ruling has yet to be offered as far as I can detect. Therefore you would run the risk of encountering an unfavorable official ruling during tournament play. I also cannot find evidence to suggest that variable attack has been judged to be zero or undefined in the past, so there is no reason for your judge to rule in your favor -except- that the attack power has been qualified as zero if it reenters play.

    So, I would say that you could if you were in my house, unless someone brought me an official rule which disagreed, but I would not count on being vindicated in tournament play.

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    Raigos room.......... Empty Re: Raigos room..........

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