Elite Duel Academy. Duel, Rise through the dorms, and defeat all duelists that challenge you. Owners are Yugi Moto and Seto Kaiba. Presented by Hakacorps.

    Basic Rules

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    Basic Rules Empty Basic Rules

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    *Our rules are simple and short.

    1. RESPECT everyone, and be helpfull as much as possible to your classmates. Any reports of disrespect will result in warnings. You will recieve 4 warnings
    Warning 1: Warning
    Warning 2: 1 day site ban
    Warning 3: Dorm Demotion
    Warning 4: BANNED FOREVER

    2. HAVE FUN and engage in all activities this site has to offer to get the most out of us!

    3. NO SPAMMING! No body likes spammers, do it on your own time, somewhere else!

    4. NO WHINERS! Come to any Site Leader and we will help you, but DO NOT bug us, or whine after we have made our decisions.

    5. NO SECOND ACCOUNTS If you get banned, we will track your IP and block from this site! so dont think about it.

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