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    rankings things to come


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    rankings things to come Empty rankings things to come

    Post  potentialthreat on Sun Oct 02, 2011 6:27 pm

    ok guys i want to put together a table of ranks for each dorm of where they are in there room at the end of the month person at the #1 spot will be able to test to improve rank to next dorm, they have to be advance rated battles against the other members in your dorm on the tble list i will be needing help in setting this up so 2 people with good exp in html coding and yugioh.pm me for those who want to contribute on the matter. also i would like to have card of the month discussions and deck othe months created by you guys that we will vote on and also best screen shot of the month of your wins. post your ideas here so we can make the site better. or pm your thoughts!!!

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